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Farewell from New Zealand by Karen Pierce Gonzalez

Background photo: Undisclosed/Max Pixel, CC0.
Manipulation and design layout: Elizabeth Stark

Karen Pierce Gonzalez’s fiction and non-fiction work has appeared in The San Francisco Chronicle, San Francisco Magazine, Big Blend Magazine, Zahir: Unforgettable TalesVEGA, Postcard Poems and Prose, and other literary magazines and newspapers.

A former features journalist and author of Family Folktales: What Are Yours, and Family Folktales: Write Your Own Family Storiesshe has facilitated many folklore and fiction writing workshops in the San Francisco Bay Area and has earned several national and regional literary awards.

She earned a Bachelor of Arts degrees in Creative Writing and Anthropological Linguistics/Folklore from Sonoma State University, and is publisher of FolkHeart Press, a boutique Northern California press that celebrates folklore. Her own folklore research includes “Sonoma County Scarecrows: Scarecrows as Folk Art”. She creates food tales (food lore) you can eat and is founder/coordinator of the annual spine-tingling Mystery Writers in the Mausoleum.

When not writing or exploring the world of folklore or helping select clients with their public relations needs, she creates multi-media fiber and/or wood (bark) art and recently learned from skilled British Columbia and Alaskan First Nations’ artists how to tan Salmon skin into leather she hopes to include in her next art project.

me kristi.jpg

small collage

Abalone & Woodpink salmon leather2

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Author-in-hiding, Digital Artist-in-training, Student-in-perpetuum

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