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Postcard from Casa Azul, Coyoacán, Mexico by Gail Goepfert

Background photo: Jack Chow/Etsy, CC0. 
Manipulation and design layout: Elizabeth Stark

It’s hard to find Gail Goepfert without a camera in her hand—phone or otherwise. She’s particularly fond of the outside world, its rich textured beauty and light, and her poetry often mirrors that image-abundant world. As an associate editor of RHINO Poetry, a Chicagoland journal of poetry and flash fiction, she reads hundreds of poems annually—a task that reminds her of years of paper-grading.

She taught seventh grade for many years—count the fingers on seven hands and add one. She loved that age, though she’s often still rattled at the thought of 12-year-olds short story endings that often read, I woke up and it was all a dream.

She loves the temporary transplant to different locations and terrains when she travels almost as much as she enjoys the annual selection and planting of annuals in her Midwest garden. It’s hard for her to tear herself away from the beach, from water—anytime anywhere. Many images at

Gail Crop Bench - Copy.jpgGrass Sand Water Sky glam warm 2.jpg

017-13 Calla LiliesGail Mermaid Leaving Things Unfinished

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Author-in-hiding, Digital Artist-in-training, Student-in-perpetuum

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