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Necco by Mel Goldberg

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After earning an advanced degree in literature, Mel Goldberg taught literature and writing in California, Illinois, Arizona. He was fortunate to be selected as a Fulbright Exchange Teacher to teach for one year at Stanground College in Cambridgeshire, England. He studied Irish poetry at Cambridge in evenings and weekends.

Mel has been fascinated by cockroaches since he learned they have remained unchanged since prehistoric times and are almost impervious to nuclear radiation.

After Mel’s second marriage ended in divorce, he moved to Sedona, Arizona, for its idyllic setting and to complete writing a novel. There he taught writing at Yavapai College and met his life partner, professional artist Bev Kephart. When people who had sold their $100,000 homes for over a million dollars began moving to Sedona, Mel and Bev decided it was time to leave. Others didn’t understand why they wanted to keep unlit streets, brilliant night skies, and high desert living rather than turn Sedona into another Disneyland.

Mel and Bev bought a small motor home and traveled throughout the US, Canada, and Mexico for seven years, working at RV parks for their space and a little extra money. After visiting Ajijic, Mexico, they chose to settle there and become part of a small ex-pat artist and writing community. In addition, living costs are much lower than in the United States.

Mel has published two novels and a book of short detective stories, all of which are available on Amazon Kindle.  The short stories and recent novel all feature Mel’s detective, Aaron Guerevich, and his fiancée, forensic scientist Ann Berendt.

Mel’s writing has been published online and in print in The United Kingdom, The United States, Mexico, New Zealand, and Australia. H books are available on Amazon Kindle.

Catch a Killer, Save the World (2013)

A Cold Killing (2010)

Choices (2003)


Painting of Mel by Bev Kephart.
Painting of Mel by Bev Kephart.
Mel in Cojumatlán on one of many trips in Mexico.
Mel in Cojumatlán on one of many trips in Mexico.

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