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Willows by Ramona Pina and Sheena M. James

Art Credit - Sheena M. James
Art Credit – Sheena M. James

Sheena M. James-Van der Mijnsbrugge (a true lefty on the left of the photo below) and Ramona D. Pina (an actual righty on right side of the image) both graduated from Bowdoin College with Bachelor degrees in Cultural Anthropology. They both then ventured into the health professional world with Sheena as a Nurse Practitioner and Ramona as a Radiologic Technologist, where their pragmatism contradicts their imagination. Sheena visually materializes what Ramona can only verbalize and this power non-couple finally decided to share their combined artistry with the world.

In addition to being a poetry editor with Blackberry: A Magazine, Ramona has had work seen and heard in an array of publications including Farrago Magazine, Boston’s Book of Peace Vol. V, Blackberry: A Magazine’s blog and magazine, Prompt and Circumstance, Auchumpkee Creek Review, and Zest Literary Journal. She is also a 2013 Nanowrimo winner. You can learn more about her at

Sheena sculpts occasionally but primarily works with oil and acrylic on canvas, and watercolor on paper where she creates situational paintings that stylistically blend surrealism, dreamscapes and impressionism. Her emotionally raw and uncut style has been sold through charitable fundraising events and for private collections. Her current art project is for “Brushes with Cancer,” a charitable event in Chicago. To purchase or see more of Sheena’s art, visit:,

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