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Druid Hill Park Sketch 3 by William Blome

Art Credit - PP&P Staff
Art Credit – PP&P Staff

William C. Blome writes short fiction and poetry. He beds down nightly in-between Baltimore and Washington, DC, and he swiped a master’s degree once from the Johns Hopkins University Writing Seminars.  His work has previously seen the light of day in such fine little mags as Amarillo Bay, Prism International, Laurel Review, The Oyez Review, Orion headless, Salted Feathers, and The California Quarterly. Willie believes plot is the most overrated element of fiction, and thinness is the least attractive physical trait in women.

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Author William Blome.
Author William Blome.

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6 thoughts on “Druid Hill Park Sketch 3 by William Blome Leave a comment

  1. I think this poem is misogynistic and poorly written.Usually I like the poems posted but Druid Hill Park is awful.


    • We didn’t read this as a literal event or prophesy. We found it to be a quirky, even ridiculous, daydream. We feel bad, Jane, that your interpretation brought you to a place of misogyny. That is something we would never endorse in any manner. (eds.)


  2. I suppose a woman, but more generally a mate, someone to share with, someone you can form in your image of perfection. God-Like.
    I would make someone, male…female…whatever that I could share coffee with and a late night table.
    Misogynistic…maybe, but if it was truly so I thing other images would have been used. I wrote a piece called “I know why dem Dawgs is barkin.” and I was accused by some of racism even though the image in my mind was my family in the Ozarks. Race had never crossed my mind.
    Could be that being misogynistic never entered this writers vision..Or maybe it did…


  3. It brings to mind my own daydreams of creating someone to understand. I like it. Poetry is not meant for the reader, but as a release for the writer, in my opinion. Screw those who don’t like it.


    • It is true that some poetry is meant for an audience of one and we feel there is great value in poems of that nature. There are many venues for that type of poetry. At PP&P we try to publish poems that are rich in language and accessible to a diverse readership. As a journal we exist for readers. (eds.)


  4. It’s lonely. A man alone creating a newspaper-stuffed vision (and we don’t know what that vision is). I see him walking around with this papier mâché/pantyhose woman, and he is still alone. Sad. I believe that a poem that evokes emotion is a good poem.


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