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Through the Bridge Backward by kerry rawlinson

drawkcaB Winner

Photo credit - kerry rawlinson
Photo credit – kerry rawlinson

Born and raised in Africa, kerry has a 6 year-old heart, wrapped in a 120-year old brain, trapped in a 58-year old body. She’s been a lifetime devotee of “the arts”, inspired by her love of the written word, as well as her father’s darkroom where she helped develop photographs.

Almost 4 decades ago, kerry emigrated to Canada from Zambia with husband and children, and that required a paying career. Architectural design helped placate the insatiable Godzillas of Family-Town, and writing and creating were relegated to the nooks and crannies of the quiet spots.

Now retired, kerry’s reconnecting her life’s circle. Travel is her passion, and articulating its resulting quirks and glories is her delight; all of which she’ll do until she drops. She lives in the stunning Okanagan Valley of B.C. with her wonderful husband, two cats and a plethora of wineries. When she can find an available sober month or two, she’d like to organize a website to sell her 1,500+ photographs/ art. Some can be seen here.

kerry’s recently published in Prospective: Journal of Speculation, (poems and cover art) and is a current finalist in the 2013 Ascent Aspirations Anthology Contest. There’s a novel and children’s books in progress.

‎The author on the Zambezi River heading to the edge of Victoria Falls.
‎The author on the Zambezi River heading to the edge of Victoria Falls.
kerry testing limits!
kerry testing limits!

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9 thoughts on “Through the Bridge Backward by kerry rawlinson Leave a comment

  1. Well wordsmithed–as an author I know that took a great deal of time for what looks like the easy flowing river now. Well done.

    Charles Hurst, Author of THE SECOND FALL. An offbeat story of Armageddon.


  2. I do love stories that make you think and this one has knocked loose a dendrite or two which are now making connections to new information such as ‘How to crochet a Suspension Bridge for pleasure and profit’.

    A terrific piece and a worthy winner. Very well done.


    John Ritchie


    Serious kudos for the graphic. That is excellent


  3. Continued thanks for your goodwill and comments.
    Every author knows how far they have to dig, and I’m a digger! My inclinations are to musicality,(that’s something I have to watch as I sometimes go overboard with the rhymey-rhymey thing) and getting what is actually in my head onto the page… But you all humble me, and inspire me to keep focused on that Poetry Collection!


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