Backward Tom by Irena Pasvinter

drawkcaB HM

Art credit - PP&P

Art credit – PP&P

Irena was born in a country no longer found on maps, in a town called Gomel, which in time became uncomfortably close to Chernobyl. She studied electrical engineering in Moscow and returned home with Master’s degree. In 1994 she moved to Israel, where she converted into a software engineer and infiltrated the haven of local hi-tech. Irena owes her rich intellectual life to the steady traffic jams in Tel Aviv area; they allow her to consume lots of audio books, lectures and foreign language courses.

A perpetually suppressed writing bug finally overpowered her better judgment, and she now devotes scraps of time left from work and dealing with her three unpredictable children to writing. Her stories and poems have been published in many fascinating corners of the Internet (and in some printed editions that are read mainly by contributors). She keeps track of her publications and of other questionable activities (like tracking progress of writing a novel instead of actually writing it) at her IPScribblings site — please drop by for a visit!

Kindle, Irena’s favorite pet.

Kindle, Irena’s favorite pet.

Not only is Duke very tall, but Irena is                also very much the opposite.

Not only is Duke very tall, but Irena is also very much the opposite.

3 thoughts on “Backward Tom by Irena Pasvinter

  1. I can really relate to this story. I was dismissed as a dullard until I qualified for Mensa with an IQ of 150. Then suddenly it was discovered I had been a clever dick all along, but by then it was too late, the education system had already rejected me.


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