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**NEW** We began accepting haiku, senryu, and tanka for publication on 2/27/14. See our Haiku Category at Submittable. (Click link above) 

Okay…Let’s clear things up a bit. YES, we are accepting haiku, senryu, and tanka now for our newly formed “Haiku Haven” feature at Postcard Poems and Prose. Submit those to our Haiku Haven category at Submittable. We continue to accept haibun as part of our regular art-laden features. Submit haibun to the Poetry categories.

Criteria for Poems and Prose:
What are we looking for in a submission?

Handwritten, machine typed, Word document, calligraphy, pencil, pen, block printed, scrawled with a fine point sharpie, photo, digital creation…all these and more are acceptable. We are looking for unique and personal. It also needs to be readable if it is a JPEG file. You may have the skill to engrave the Bible on the head of a pin but that doesn’t always translate well to a computer flat-screen or smart phone. It is generally better to submit art (If any.) and text as separate files and let us layer them.
Is it cleverly written?
Poetry, short prose, an odd invitation or announcement, what have you? We lean toward poetry and flash fiction but will consider anything that is well crafted. We are seeking cleverness in a unique format. Think in terms of 12-20 line poems or 150-220 words of prose.
Is it unique or graphically interesting?
If there is art or graphics as part of your submission then send something we haven’t seen. We confess a complete lack of ability to draw or paint. Heck, we can’t even color inside the lines. That means we’re suckers for that stuff. Crayon, sharpie, acrylic, oil, decoupage, quilts, rag rugs, birds, flowers or anything you can stuff into a JPEG.
What if my poem/prose doesn’t have accompanying artwork?
Send it! Please.
Do you accept prose poems?
Yes. We love prose poems.
How do I submit for publication?
Electronic submissions only. Please send text and art as separate attachments. We will manipulate them in Photoshop as needed for publication. 300 DPI scan is our preferred resolution, but send what you have. Simultaneous submissions are allowed, but we need to be informed immediately when your work is accepted elsewhere. It should go without saying that all work submitted must be your own original creation and not published anywhere else.

Submit to Postcard Poems and Prose Magazine

Publication Schedule
Postcard Poems and Prose publishes online with 12-15 pieces accepted monthly. Reading period—January 1 thru December 31.
Postcard Poems and Prose claims First North American Rights for publication and First Anthology Rights for print anthology or postcards for a period of 18 months. After that all work reverts back to the author. If you use it somewhere else we ask that you mention it was published first in Postcard Poems and Prose.
We are not a paying market at this time but, like most growth-oriented publications, we hope to be able to pay for work at some point in the future. We offer greatly expanded author bios, comment sections, Facebook Likes and Shares, and hyperlinks back to your personal website or store.
Editorial Policy
We don’t intend to limit our readership but understand certain content may bother some people. We admit there are even things that bother us. The things that trouble us we simply don’t allow. (After all, it is our publication.) Overly graphic sex, completely-over-the-top violence, and hatred in any of its many forms won’t be considered. We encourage authors of that type of content to seek publication elsewhere.

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21 thoughts on “Submit

    • Thanks for asking Raydeen. Think in terms of a 4×6 card. We re-size everything to a width of 637 pixels for publication. We prefer to have the art submitted separately from the literature component – if there is a lit component. (eds.)

  1. In these days of webpages, blogs, and DIY materials, what constitutes previously published? I have some poem on postcards that I have made myself, for example, but have never been published by anyone else. How do you feel about those?

    • An excellent question that we are asked on a regular basis. If it has been on your blog or an open Facebook group then we, like most journals today, consider that to have been previously published. Cheers. (eds.)

  2. Your guidelines say 12 – 20 line poems, but I noticed that some of them are shorter. Is it ok to submit a poem shorter than 12 lines?

  3. What is the address to submit a short story, as it says above it should be in the body of the email? Thanks

  4. Hi, I just came here via Barbara Ruth & as a visual artist, who sells her work as well as has it online, ask one thing. Please add a copyright symbol to art work along with the words photo credit. What I’ve seen on this site is quite excellent….and the pieces coming from working artists need a bit of protection since the internet has made art seem ‘up for grabs’ and used any way by any one. Thanks for your work.

  5. I’m also a visual/photo artist and sell my work. I totally agree with L.A. Hyder. A copyright symbol and the artist’s name should appear with the photo/art. Thanks

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