Gravity by Jennifer A. McGowan

Art Credit - PP&P

Art Credit – PP&P

Jennifer A. McGowan spends all her spare time in the 15th century and has proved on more than one occasion that she can hit the broad side of a castle when shooting archery.  She is notoriously blackhearted (see photo), an attribution she defends several times a year at arrow-point.  Once a dancer, she became disabled in her teens and now spends her time not on an archery range languishing in garrets as besuits a poet-medieavalist.  Occasionally she ventures out into the wilds of lyric prose.  She is being featured at both the Torbay Poetry Festival and the Derwent Poetry Festival in 2013.  Her website, with examples of her poetry and of her mediaeval calligraphy, as well as links to her collection and anthologies, is here.

Shooting out the centre heart.

Shooting out the centre heart.

2 thoughts on “Gravity by Jennifer A. McGowan

  1. Cool story. I love tales that turn existing stories on their head (cf Wicked) or turns minor characters like Rosencranz into main characters. In the film he was such a jolly man, but bipolar is such a bitch on the dark side. If he’d lived now he could maybe get a propeller and motor strapped to his back and microlight everywhere.

    Incidentally my brother and his wife do the Medieval rounds. She’s an archer too, though he’s just a fool. I like my Interweb too much to travel back, I’m afraid.


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