Ingredients by Barry Charman

"Cross Sunrise" photo credit - Robert Karvonen

“Cross Sunrise” photo credit – Robert Karvonen

Barry Charman is an English-born writer, currently living in North West London. He is a past winner of the London Writers Competition “Promis Prize.” He has had short stories published in a Smashwords anthology, Microhorror and has a blog on He has been published in a Flash Fiction World’s anthology, and won the Writers’ Forum flash fiction contest 2012, where he was published in the Lakeview International Journal of literature and arts. He is currently working on a children’s novel, and has developed a strange fascination with writing flash fiction stories that boggle the mind in as few words as possible.

Author Barry Charman

Author Barry Charman

Clouds and Sun

Never count on the sun not breaking through.

Heart in Hand

Never hold a heart you can break.

Barry’s here:
Lakeview International Journal of Literature and Arts
and in Flash Fiction World

5 thoughts on “Ingredients by Barry Charman

  1. Doh! Colour me thick, I didn’t get it till the 2nd read through. I particularly like the place to hide the body, implying murder and dark deeds rather than justice being served, open and above board. (If you didn’t mean that, claim you did. It always looks good if people think you deep)


  2. Very good. I particularly like ‘fear x need’ and ‘anxiety (whip it up and don’t leave to rest)’. Christ’s Passion cleverly served up in a way that encompasses the whole awful tragedy.




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