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Dave Morehouse Editor


Dave Morehouse – founding editor – writes music, poetry, and short fiction. Recent work has been published in Every Day Fiction, Black Denim Lit,  Gyroscope Review, and various online and print journals. In spare moments he plays fiddle and concertina by Lake Superior at the northern tip of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.


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Elizabeth Stark – art director, editor – was lucky enough to work in publishing for several years before outsourcing murdered the graphics layout industry. Though married to her college sweetheart for 25 years, she’s ever a bachelor—in computers, in digital media, and almost so in creative writing. She pens short fiction when able to distract her inner critic, and found her way to print in online venues like Dark Chapter Press and in broadcast with the U.K. film project, Fragments of Fear. Whether it’s writing, editing, or creating in Photoshop, she can usually be found obsessing over commas in her work pajamas while listening to docudramas.

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Jennifer Courtney – editor – writes as jl courtney. She lost her capital letters in a sadistic line editing accident where all her darlings were cut—even those normally attached to her. Jennifer is the aging mother of three children, two dachshunds, and a cat named Schrödinger. She has been published at Page & Spine, Black Heart Magazine, Feathertale, and many others.


19055683_10154360341367282_8105547533916508224_oElizabeth “Lizz” Straight – first reader – is a woman. She writes sometimes. She intends to read contemporary literature in her free time, but instead she crochets hats for random babies she encounters. She has a bachelor’s degree in English/Creative Writing from The University of South Florida. She was born in Ocean Springs on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. She currently resides in West Palm Beach, FL where she is a school administrator and a middle school Language Arts teacher.

Cool Things She Has Done

Elizabeth was ranked 8th in the world at the Individual World Poetry Slam (2007), she earned first place at the Southern Fried Poetry Slam (2003 & 2008). As a matter of absolute fact, she has appeared on finals stage every year that she has competed at the Southern Fried Poetry Slam. She created “Poetry Is…” a poetically revolutionary radio show on WMNF 88.5 FM in Tampa, FL. She hosted, engineered and produced this radio show from 2005-2010, and she spearheaded the most gangsta poetry prison tour ever under the name “Lizz Straight Ministries” during that same period. She is also a former mobile facilitator. She was featured in the documentary ‘Portrait of a Poet’ which was an honorable mention selection at the Hollywood Film Festival in 2007.






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  1. Hi, I’m Tony and blown away by your site. This is such a very special place. I just love to browse everyone’s creativity. This is wonderful.


  2. Hi, Your submittable page will only allow the uploading of one file – tho it says it will take 3….???


    • One file per submission is allowed so our First Readers and Art Renderers can keep them separate. You are allowed three submissions per reading cycle, Mercedes. Great observation and thanks for asking. Hope this helps. (eds.)


  3. I notice that my submissions to Postcards & Poems don’t show up in the Submittable search engine. I sent poems 3/1/18, but they are not there. I just sent the same poems again.


    • Thank you for reaching out. Postcard Poems & Prose truly appreciates all the hard work you have put into your submissions. I reviewed our Submittable archives and we responded mid March to the submissions mentioned. I apologize that you missed our response. Since you’ve resubmitted, we will respond to these new submissions (with our previous response) in all due haste. If you have any questions, please contact the managing editor directly at: Thank you for sharing your wonderful work with us and our readers.


    • Dear Melanie,
      Thank you for reaching out. If you have a photo which you own the rights to, and it is a perfect match, feel free to submit your words and art (separately as per our guidelines). Otherwise, our artistic director works diligently to pair art and author. Submission guidelines can be found at:


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