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Christy Headshot for PPP



Christy Miron – editor – is a writer, grammarian, copy editor, and voracious consumer of books. She writes under a pseudonym, and so we cannot disclose where she has been published (it’s a 007 sort of thing). She fancies herself an apt DIY-er and recently converted an unused bedroom into a library. Her husband does not know whether to be relieved that her books may be somewhat contained or apprehensive that MORE books are coming. She would reassure him, but she’s trying to figure out where she can fit another set of shelves.



Dave Morehouse Editor



Dave Morehouse – founding editor – writes music, poetry, and short fiction. Recent work has been published in Every Day Fiction, Black Denim Lit, Stymie Journal, Black Heart Magazine, Every Day Poets, Blink Ink,  and various online and print journals. He is an editor and co-founder of the quarterly print journal – Fine Linen. In spare moments he plays fiddle and concertina by Lake Superior at the northern tip Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.




Elizabeth Stark – art director – is a self-professed grammar nerd, modern-day nomad (currently calling Korea home), and veritable crazy-cat-lady-in-the-making (so say her two teens and husband of 22 years). She is a recent design graduate, but still considers herself a student struggling to tame the wild beast that is the Adobe Creative Suite. When able to distract her internal editor, she pens short fiction, then finds a million perfectionistic reasons not to submit (yet still found her way to publication somehow). Her favorite pastimes are working in pajamas, obsessing over commas, and watching True Crime dramas.


jenny headshot



Jennifer Courtney – First Reader Team Leader –  is the aging mother of three children, two dachshunds, and a cat named Schrödinger. She spends her days chasing them and nap-times dreaming up short fiction or using rejection letters to decoupage distressed furniture.

She has been published online at Postcard Poems and Prose, Page & Spine, and in Feathertale. Jennifer’s work has also found its way into several Dreamscape Press anthologies; 100 Worlds: Lightning-Quick SF & Fantasy Tales, Nuclear Town USA, Clockwork Kiru, and Haiku of the Dead.





3 thoughts on “Staff

  1. Hi, I’m Tony and blown away by your site. This is such a very special place. I just love to browse everyone’s creativity. This is wonderful.

  2. Hi, Your submittable page will only allow the uploading of one file – tho it says it will take 3….???

    • One file per submission is allowed so our First Readers and Art Renderers can keep them separate. You are allowed three submissions per reading cycle, Mercedes. Great observation and thanks for asking. Hope this helps. (eds.)

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