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Fiction Contest

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Author Guidelines for Postcard Poems and Prose Magazine Fiction Contest:

Is it cleverly written?

Contest entries should be tight and gripping. We aren’t enamored with ‘gotcha’ endings, adverbs, or passive voice narrations.

The theme is: CLUTCH.

Writers are invited to interpret this theme as they see fit.


Here at PP&P we are different. How different are we? In addition to a first place prize, we are paying $20 to the second through sixth place winners. We know competition at the top is going to be stiff. We want to reward our top placing entrants.

The top six winning contest stories will receive prizes in the following amounts via paypal: first place $100, second place $20, third place $20, fourth place $20, fifth place $20, and sixth place $20.

Entrants must have a paypal account to receive their prize.

Is there an entry fee?

This contest is free to enter. At Postcard Poems & Prose, we believe money should flow toward the writer. We believe great stories can come from both emergent and established authors. Limiting contributing voices and burdening writers with unnecessary fees is contrary to our mission.

How do I submit for publication?

Please read ALL guidelines before submitting.

Submissions are open from June 2, 2018 until 11:59 ET June 16, 2018.

Send your manuscript through our Submittable link. Submissions sent via email will not be accepted.

Submit one piece of prose 1,000 words or less as a .doc or .docx file. We prefer Standard Manuscript Format.

That being said, please don’t lose your mind over formatting. We value your story over its packaging. At the very least, ensure your submission is double spaced, has Times New Roman typeface, twelve point font, one inch margins all around, indented paragraphs, and page numbers at the top right.

Occasionally, the last line in a .doc or .docx file will vanish. Please type END, THE END, or //END// at the end of each submission. This ensures we see all of your manuscript.

It should go without saying that contest entries must be your own original creation and not published anywhere else. Facebook, Patreon, and personal blogs are all considered previously published. We cannot accept previously published material.

Will you consider simultaneous submissions?

No. This contest has a very short turnaround. To maintain our tight schedule, we can’t allow simultaneous submissions for this contest.

Contest Publication

Postcard Poems and Prose will publish the top 6 stories on our website as Saturday features.

Honorable Mention

There may be especially gripping and memorable stories that don’t place in the top six, but still deserve a round of applause. Authors of exceptional honorable mention stories may be listed on our social media platforms.


Postcard Poems and Prose Magazine claims First North American Rights for our online publication. After that all rights revert to the author. If you use it somewhere else, we ask that you mention it was published first in Postcard Poems and Prose Magazine.

Who can enter?

Current staff members of Postcard Poems & Prose, their immediate family, and anyone living in their household are prohibited from entering this contest.

What languages do you accept?

Stories should be written in English. Entrants may use either American or British spellings.

Editorial Policy

We understand certain content may bother some readers. We admit there are things that bother us. Stories featuring graphic sex, over-the-top violence, and hatred in any of its many forms won’t be considered for this contest. Please submit stories of such nature elsewhere.

What else?

Please include the sentence “I am a rock star” in your cover letter so we know you have read our contest guidelines.


Please email contest questions to the managing editor.


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