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Visual Art Submissions


All media forms are acceptable. However, things like sculpture and pottery don’t feed through the wires of our ancient IBM Mainframe. (FORTRAN rocks!) So, we will need a jpg in 300 DPI. This enables us to resize to fit our available space format without dramatic loss of resolution.

What do we like? We are suckers for pen and ink, graphite, and acrylic marker things from your sketchbooks. We like photos OF art. Photos as art have considerably less appeal. If you send us a sunset or lake scene we will flame it as soon as we are done barfing. Asemic pieces are generally welcome. Sorry, no splashes allowed. Save that info for the bio we publish.

General guideline? Unusual is better than realistic. Erotica is unnecessary.

Click here to submit. 

We are not currently paying for art. We do, however, publish full artist bios with links to their works for sale and a few examples of their work.

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