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The Mission

We want you to find prose, poems, and art in a unique format. We want you to experience it with your laptop, handheld device, or the chip implanted in your brain. We want you to be able to share that experience with friends. We want to be quirky and personal. We think it’s important for you to know our contributing authors at some level beyond a 100 word byline. We want brilliance.

Postcard Poems and Prose is an online magazine that accepts and publishes 15-17  features of poetry,prose, and visual art each month.


Dave Morehouse – founding editor

Christy Miron – editor

Postcard Poems and Prose Home Page


31 thoughts on “The Mission Leave a comment

  1. Thank you for looking at my crafting blog . your’s looks very interesting …. I am on a mad mission around Lisbon at the moment , but will have a better look at it when i get back to my house … but I am liking your mission statement x


  2. Thanks for coming by my blog. I’m glad you found me – I love meeting people of like-mind. I will definitely send something your way. Cheers.


  3. Thank you for visiting my poetry blog and leaving a comment on my tribute to Women’s History Month, Her Story. I’ve enjoyed reading the posts here on your blog and value your feedback.


    • “…reading the posts here on your blog…” We have an editorial staff of three, we reject FAR more pieces than we publish, and we’re listed at Duotrope and Grinder. We prefer to think of our publication as a zine. 😉 But we REALLY appreciate readers like yourself dropping in and looking around. Thanks for that! (eds.)


  4. Thanks to both of you for stepping inside our little zine. We are still a Fledgling but readership and author submissions have grown quickly. We look forward to reading through the pile of entries in our poetry contest.


  5. Thanks for visiting and liking Discover Santosha. It gave me a chance to find your blog — great idea! I look forward to seeing more.


  6. I agree with Grigio. Real postcards, that one could affix a stamp to and mail off into the hands of real people — now that would be revolutionary. It would help keep our post offices alive, help keep people employed, and help keep print, real print alive. As writers, and as visual artists, and the promoters of such work, we must never forget the value of holding something real in our hands. Hopefully, this notion is still on your schedule.


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