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Ringside, 1959 by Will Wells

Background photo: Undisclosed/Pxhere, CC0.
Manipulation and design layout: Elizabeth Stark

Will Wells’ most recent poetry collection, Odd Lots, Scraps & Second-hand, Like New, won the the 2016 Grayson Poetry Prize and was published by Grayson Books in April, 2017. Will’s previous collection, Unsettled Accounts, winner of the Hollis Summers Poetry Prize, was published by Ohio Univ./Swallow Press (2010). An earlier poetry collection, Conversing with the Light, won the Anhinga Prize for Poetry. His current manuscript, Enduring Damage, from which “Ringside, 1959″ is drawn, is about half complete. Will is still beguiled by the smell of baking bread and has never liked boxing, but somehow, those two subjects found fusion in this poem. Although his mother was not a prizefighter, she did win some ribbons for her baking. She also spent the later part of WWII building B-17’s, so he imagines the woman flexing her muscles in the famous Rosie the Riveter war posters as representing her identity ten years before he came along.



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