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Homesteading on the Prairie by Ryan Clark

Background photo: Undisclosed/Max Pixel, CC0.
Manipulation and design layout: Elizabeth Stark

Ryan Clark was born in what was once part of Greer County, Texas, but which now makes up the southwestern corner of Oklahoma. Thus, his parents would tell him that while he was born in the state of Oklahoma, he was–more importantly–born in the Republic of Texas. Today, he is strangely obsessed with borders and the doubling power of puns. As a result, he writes his poems using a unique method of homophonic translation that re-sounds existing texts based on each individual letter’s potential for sound. This is otherwise known as making puns out of everything. His poetry has most recently appeared in Parentheses, Glint, the museum of americana, riverSedge, Flock, Menacing Hedge, and Homonym, and his first book, How I Pitched the First Curve, is forthcoming from Lit Fest Press. He is a winner of the 2018 San Antonio Writers Guild contest, and his work has been nominated for Best of the Net. He currently teaches creative writing at Waldorf University in Iowa, where he misses the relative temperateness of Texoma winters very much.




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