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Eustace by Penelope Moffet

Background photo: Thryduulf/Wikimedia, CC0.
Manipulation and design layout: Elizabeth Stark

Penelope Moffet is a Southern California poet who loves being home but keeps leaving to go exploring. In 2016 she traveled to Southeast Alaska for the first time, spending a couple of weeks in Ketchikan, where her elder stepdaughter lives, before continuing on to the Skagway area for an artist residency at Alderworks Alaska. While in Ketchikan, in a borrowed apartment, she made friends with Eustace, a slug. While not extremely cuddly, Eustace was the closest thing Penelope had to a pet while in Ketchikan. Before she moved on, Penelope relocated Eustace to the apartment’s front garden. Penelope is the author of a chapbook of desert poems, It Isn’t That They Mean to Kill You (Arroyo Seco Press, 2018) and an earlier chapbook, Keeping Still (Dorland Mountain Arts Colony, 1995). Her poems have been published in many literary magazines, most recently The Sow’s Ear Poetry Review, The Rise Up Review, Light: A Magazine of Photography & Poetry, The Ekphrastic Review, Verse-Virtual, here, here, and here.



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