Last Dream of Morning by Alan Walowitz


Background photo: Artist/Source, CC BY 2.0.
Manipulation and design layout: Elizabeth Stark

Since my first appearance on Postcard Poems and Prose, I have received no nominations for prizes, I haven’t won the lottery, or, far as I know, been abducted by aliens. In fact, if you check this link,  you’ll be able to read my still-somewhat-accurate and quirky biography written this past summer.  (Just for the sake of my permanent record, I no longer teach at St. John’s University, though the University and I did have an amicable parting of the ways.)  You’ll also get to read my poem, “Coming Soon,” if you missed it, as well as the comments I coerced my friends (and one of my students) into leaving on the PP&P site. Feel free to leave a comment on “Last Dream of Morning” and maybe you also will get an “A” for the semester.

Alan Contemplating the Remains of Dinner.jpg

Alan contemplating the remains of dinner

from the first time I gave up writing

From the first time he gave up writing

View from my desk--too embarrassed to show my desk

View from the writer’s desk–too embarrassed to show his desk

Alan at the Beach in Winter

Alan at the beach in winter

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