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Ritual by Ken Poyner

Background photo: Leon Petrosyan/Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 4.0.
Manipulation and design layout: Elizabeth Stark

After years of impersonating a Systems Engineer, Ken has retired to watch his wife of forty+ years continue to break both Masters and Open world raw powerlifting records.  Ken’s two current poetry collections (The Book of Robot, Victims of a Failed Civics) and three short fiction collections (Constant Animals, Avenging Cartography, The Revenge of the House Hurlers) are available from Amazon,, and most book selling websites.  Visit him at his website.



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Author-in-hiding, Digital Artist-in-training, Student-in-perpetuum

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  1. Land ‘a livin’. Does that really happen? and Where? Very good poem in that every detail moves along into the next and the reader can understand each line clearly. And your wife is a champion weightlifter? Good for her – altho makes my poor old bones ache to think about it. Reckon I won’t take it up any time soon. I liked the poem.


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