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Here It Is by Heather Boersma

Background photo: Jay Joslin/Flickr, CC BY-NCND 2.0.
Typographical layout: Elizabeth Stark

Heather Boersma writes, paints, and teaches in Kalamazoo.   She earned her MFA in writing at Western Michigan University, and does art shows around the city. Some of her best ideas come while daydreaming and praying as she runs. She believes art and writing should be fun and is known for choosing dryer lint, twigs, unusual color combinations, and a wide buffet of metaphors. Since her three children grew up, she traveled with her husband to do an Ironman triathlon in Mexico.  Even after 3 flat tires she managed to get back on her bike and finish the 140.6 miles in under 15 hours.





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Author-in-hiding, Digital Artist-in-training, Student-in-perpetuum

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  1. Oh how fun is your poem – and I do totally agree with you about dryer lint, rings around bathtubs, the worn arms on my Mom’s old rocker and travel (which is where I find time to journal and write poems in the mornings in our RV parked beneath some junipers). Thanks for the fun look at “things that matter”. And for running and praying.

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