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The Wooden Swing by Cynthia Pitman

Background photo: Mumstheword5/Pixabay, CC0.
Manipulation and design layout: Elizabeth Stark

Cynthia Pitman, from Orlando, has had poetry published in issue 127 of  Right Hand Pointing. The title of the issue, The White Room, was taken from her poem, and the artwork was designed around it. She has several poems published by Literary Yard in their current issue, and a short story forthcoming in Saw Palm: Florida Literature and Art. She is also a retired high school English teacher. Retirement is so wonderful, she wonders if it shouldn’t have been her first career choice. She taught all levels of English, from remedial to Advanced Placement. She designed the school’s Writing Program, teaching the first poetry and writing classes in the school. She also created a club called Brown Bag Poetry, which convened during lunch. They listened to one another’s poetry while sharing lunches from their “brown bags.” People would drop in – other teachers, staff, administrators – and join in. Everyone was welcome. Cynthia has a wonderful, patient husband, Tom, who is an artist, two perfect children, Rebecca and Eric, and a grandcat, Ginger. Life is good.

C. PitmanLocket

C. Pitman 1957jpgRebecca and EricCindy's School Portrait ver2

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  1. beautiful.. may whatever is to come, come back. if not, let its memory bring peace and softness and sweet joy


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