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Spinster Sisters Farm in Nebraska by Karen Pierce Gonzalez

Background photo: USDA/Flickr, CC BY 2.0.  
Manipulation and design layout: Elizabeth Stark

Karen Pierce Gonzalez’s fiction and non-fiction work has appeared in The San Francisco Chronicle, San Francisco Magazine, Big Blend Magazine, Zahir: Unforgettable TalesVEGA, and other literary magazines and newspapers.

A former journalist and author of Family Folktales: What Are Yours, and Family Folktales: Write Your Own Family Storiesshe has facilitated many folklore and fiction writing workshops in the San Francisco Bay Area and has earned several national and regional literary awards.

She earned a Bachelor of Arts degrees in Creative Writing and Anthropological Linguistics/Folklore from Sonoma State University, and is publisher of FolkHeart Press, a boutique Northern California press that celebrates folklore and her folklore research includes “Sonoma County Scarecrows: Scarecrows as Folk Art”.

When not writing or exploring the world of folklore, she creates mixed-media fiber and/or wood (bark) art.

Love potions, Lotions & Lore.

me 2017karen willowpauline feather art

wooded spine

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Author-in-hiding, Digital Artist-in-training, Student-in-perpetuum

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