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Grandmother, Inside the Wolf by Shanan Ballam

Background photo: Procsilas Moscas/Flickr, CC BY 2.0.
Manipulation and design layout: Elizabeth Stark

Shanan Ballam is a Senior Lecturer at Utah State University where she teaches creative writing and composition and was named the Lecturer of the Year for the College of Humanities and Social Sciences in 2014. She is the author of the chapbook The Red Riding Hood Papers (Finishing Line 2010) and the full-length poetry collection Pretty Marrow (Negative Capability 2013). A semi-finalist for the Brittingham and Pollak Poetry Prizes, the May Swenson Award, the Philip Levine Prize in Poetry, and the Louise Bogan Award, in 2012 Pretty Marrow received first place in the Utah Division of Arts and Museum’s Original Writing Contest, judged by Sue Walker, former Poet Laureate of Alabama. In 2013, Shanan was appointed to the Utah Arts Council’s Board of Directors where she served a four-year term, and in 2015, The Utah Division of Arts and Museums selected Shanan to be the bite-size poet for the month of May. See Shanan perform her bite-size poem “Reasons.” Shanan’s poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in several literary journals, most recently in DIAGRAM and Tar River Poetry. Read Shanan’s poem in DIAGRAM, “The Conversation with My Brother,” here and visit her author website.

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