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To My 6th Grade Science Class by Patrick Cabello Hansel

Background photo: Chuck Kennedy/White House Archives, CC0.
Manipulation and design layout: Elizabeth Stark

Patrick Cabello Hansel has published poems and stories in over 45 journals, including Ilanot Review, Lunch Ticket, Switchback, subprimal, and Ash and Bones. His poetry collection “The Devouring Land” will be published by Main Street Rag Publishing in 2018.  With his wife Luisa, he pastors a mostly Latino immigrant church in Minneapolis and teaches art and poetry. He is ¾ bionic below the waist (2 knees, 1 hip). He co-edited a satirical magazine in seminary called Bring Out Your Dead.  He once voted for a dead guy in the Bronx, who was re-elected District Attorney with over 70% of the vote.

Patrick is working on two novels at the same time, has two wonderful artistic daughters and some crazy friends.  His novella Searching was serialized in 33 issues of The Alley News, the local monthly. He is the editor of The Phoenix of Phillips, a new literary magazine written by and for the people of the most diverse neighborhood in the state.  In honor of our nation’s bicentennial, he was arrested twice in 1976, once for hitchhiking on the freeway, once for civil disobedience at a nuclear power plant.

Facebook: Semilla Center.  Twitter and Instagram: @semillacenterPCH Photo at muralDSC_0365






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