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Landscape with Salt by Rebecca Macijeski

Background photo: StarFlames/Pixabay, CC0.
Manipulation and design layout: Elizabeth Stark

Rebecca Macijeski grew up in small town Vermont with a large family who values both the power of books and of staring up at trees. Now she lives in Louisiana with even more books and even bigger trees. She’s obsessed with collecting–poems, cats, travel stories, scars, letters, photographs, manifestos, fiddle tunes, buttons, symphony scores, receipts in other languages, quotes from writers writing about writing, that sort of thing. It’s probably about keeping evidence. Rebecca holds a PhD from the University of Nebraska—Lincoln and an MFA from Vermont College of Fine Arts. Recent poems have appeared in The Missouri Review, The Journal, Zone 3, and elsewhere. Feel free to read a few over at Museum of Americana and Atlas and Alice. Rebecca is an Assistant Professor at Northwestern State University. Visit her online at







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