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Quieting by Cynthia Anderson

Background photo: Tookapic/Pexels, CC0.
Manipulation and design layout: Elizabeth Stark

Cynthia Anderson lives in the Mojave Desert near Joshua Tree National Park. She attended the University of Pennsylvania as a Benjamin Franklin Scholar and studied literature at the College of Creative Studies, UC Santa Barbara. Her research on George Oppen’s archive was published in CONJUNCTIONS and Ironwood. In the 1980s and 1990s, she organized poetry events and festivals in Santa Barbara, California. Her poems have appeared in numerous journals and anthologies, including Askew, Dark Matter, Crab Creek Review, Inlandia: A Literary Journey, Split Rock Review, Origami Poems Project, Bearing the Mask: Southwestern Persona Poems (Dos Gatos Press, 2016) and Nature and Regeneration (Contemporary Poetry Series, Corbel Stone Press, 2017). Cynthia is the author of seven collections, the most recent being Waking Life (Cholla Needles, 2017). She co-edited the anthology A Bird Black As the Sun: California Poets on Crows & Ravens.

Cynthia Anderson at Wonderland Wash, Joshua Tree National Park
Cynthia Anderson at Wonderland Wash, Joshua Tree National Park.
Cynthia Anderson reading at space cowboy books, joshua tree ca
Cynthia Anderson reading at Space Cowboy Books, Joshua Tree, CA.








Cynthia Anderson 2
Cynthia Anderson

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