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Agoraphobia by Kate Hutchinson

Background photo: Anonymous/Pxhere, CC0.
Manipulation and design layout: Elizabeth Stark

Kate Hutchinson has lived most of her life in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, where she can hop the Metra for a night of theater but then return to the woods to commune with the trees, birds and clouds. As she nears the end of a long career of teaching high school, Kate estimates she has read The Odyssey over 100 times as well as a quarter million pages of writing submitted by nearly 8,000 teenagers. If even a handful of them have developed a love for literature and a more open mind because of time spent in her classroom, she will die happy. In the meantime, there’s no shortage of people, creatures, and places in this glorious mess of a world that need some assistance and attention, and Kate intends to spend her next incarnation digging in. And of course spending hours each day reading and writing.

Kate’s had many pieces published in anthologies and magazines; her two books include a chapbook, The Gray Limbo of Perhaps (2012), and a full-length collection, Map Making: Poems of Land and Identity (2015). She occasionally probes life’s mysteries at

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