Upon Awakening by Ferral Willcox

Art Credit: Feral Wilcox Text layout: Elizabeth Stark

Art Credit: Ferral Willcox
Text layout: Elizabeth Stark

Ferral Willcox is a U.S. born poet and musician currently living in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  Ferral’s work can be found in Per Contra, Sinister Wisdom, and Calamaro.  Ferral spent 2 months in residence at Starry Night Retreat in Truth or Consequences, NM.  Her writing style falls somewhere between slam poetry and 18th-century form poetry, and she never knows where on this continuum a given poem might land.  Ferral does not own any cats, and she does not believe in multi-colored socks.

Poet Ferral Willcox.

Poet Ferral Willcox.

Ferral Willcox 1Ferral Willcox 3

3 thoughts on “Upon Awakening by Ferral Willcox

  1. Powerful imagery of darkness and danger and fooling the gods; left me feeling that there is hope for even the most frightening of life’s offerings. Ms. Feral Willcox had me right from the start. Bravo!


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