To Print the Letter A by Joseph Milosch

Art credit - Elizabeth Stark

Art credit – Elizabeth Stark

Joe Milosch graduated in 1995 with his MFA from San Diego State University. His first book, The Lost Pilgrimage Poems, and his second book, Landscape of a Woman and a Hummingbird, were published by Poetic Matrix Press.

His poems “Among Men,” “Letters from Paul,” and “The Way It Was” were nominated for the Pushcart. He won the Hackney Literary Award in 2013.

His first chapbook, On the Wing, was published by Barnes and Noble as a regional publication; his second chapbook, Father of Boards and Woodwinds, was published by the Inevitable Press for the Laguna Poets Series. He was a finalist in the Tennessee Middle State Chapbook contest in 1996 for his chapbook, If I could Imagine. He won the 1997 Tennessee Middle State Chapbook contest with his chapbook Among Men. In 1999 The Laguna Poets Series published his fourth chapbook, Now She Bends Away, on Inevitable Press.

About himself, Joe says, “For the last 40 years, I worked as a trail locator for the Cleveland National Forest and as a construction inspector in the private sector. My poetry draws on those experiences as well as my experiences growing up in the farmland north of Detroit, Michigan, and my Army experiences during the Vietnam War.”

The author.

The author.



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