My Life Is In My Eyes by Carolyn Martin

Photo credit - Carolyn Martin

Photo credit – Carolyn Martin

Since the only poem Carolyn Martin wrote in high school was red-penciled “extremely maudlin,” she is amazed that she has continued to write. After forty years in the academic and business worlds, she is blissfully retired in Clackamas, OR, where she also gardens and plays with creative friends. Her poems have appeared in publications throughout the US and UK, and her second collection, The Way a Woman Knows, was released in 2015 by The Poetry Box, Portland, OR ( She is still searching for all the ways women know that she hasn’t discovered yet.

The author.

The author.

October web

October web.

What we believe.

What we believe.

July colors

July colors.

2 thoughts on “My Life Is In My Eyes by Carolyn Martin

  1. What a lovely, lovely poem. I have minimal experience with the beach as I fear water. But I love the “sand-scatter in my shoes” as I’ve been to the beach enough to know this! Nice job.


    • Thanks so much, Claudia! I grew up near the Jersey shore so this Oregon coast was a revelation. Too cold to swim, but beauty is everywhere.


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