Closure by Claudia McKinney Mundell

Art credit - Elizabeth Stark

Art credit – Elizabeth Stark

Claudia McKinney Mundell loved words as soon as she met them. Learning to read and write were the keys to the world that took her outside of Southeastern Kansas. She started collecting snippets of great thoughts as early as third grade, was writing poetry by fourth grade, and never stopped putting her thoughts to paper.

Writing is both work and hobby. Claudia finds it so satisfying to work hard on a piece and bring it to a creative completion. Once she starts writing a story, it is hard to leave it and come back to the real world for ordinary things like cooking and cleaning. Other hobbies are knitting, reading, collecting Blue Willow dishes, and drinking good tea.

Claudia head shot for Poem Pub (1)farm with tractor lined up

4 thoughts on “Closure by Claudia McKinney Mundell

  1. It’s a window to days gone by for me. Wonderful. Eloquent. Restful even as it revives memories of cherished days. Thank you, Claudia Mundell.


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