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First Freeze by Susanna Lang

Art credit - Elizabeth Stark
Art credit – Elizabeth Stark

Susanna Lang’s most recent collection of poems, Tracing the Lines, was published in 2013 by the Brick Road Poetry Press.  Her first collection, Even Now, was published in 2008 by The Backwaters Press, followed by a chapbook, Two by Two (Finishing Line Press, 2011).  A two-time Hambidge fellow and a recipient of the Emerging Writers Fellowship from the Bethesda Writer’s Center, she has published original poems and essays, and translations from the French, in such journals as Little Star, New Letters, december, The Sow’s Ear Poetry Review, Blue Lyra Review, Prime Number Magazine and Poetry East.  Book publications include translations of Words in Stone and The Origin of Language, both by Yves Bonnefoy.  She lives in Chicago, where she teaches in the Chicago Public Schools. Visit her website at

The author.
The author.
Reading at open mic.
Reading at open mic.
From the author's residency at Hambidge.
From the author’s residency at Hambidge.


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2 thoughts on “First Freeze by Susanna Lang Leave a comment

  1. Thank you.
    I live in the desert so it is good to be reminded of the natural world, of flowers and bees and a frigid morning.
    I am sad about the bee.
    I don’t know if I am supposed to be (no pun) or was it license, or did this bee forfeit it endangered life to spend a few day pinned to the remains of a flower before it dries and fades.
    It is a bee. I will get over it.
    The bottom line is that the words you have assembled are filled with images and thoughts and in a confusing world, I am pinpointed on a moment in time and in a world with trees and farmers and the tastes of fresh vegetable.
    And that is a good thing.
    Thank you


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