Signs of Trying by Deborah Mashibini-Prior

Art credit - Dakota Stark

Art credit – Dakota Stark

Deborah Mashibini-Prior lives in the Upper Valley area of New Hampshire where she returned after more than 35 years away, charmed back by her high school sweetheart.  He found her on Facebook and after a brief correspondence, sent her homemade donuts in the mail.  That was pretty much all it took!

Having spent much of her adult life seeking warmer climates and working with nonprofit organizations serving people with disabilities and those who were homeless, Deborah now enjoys teaching English composition as an online instructor with Southern New Hampshire University (which doesn’t involve leaving the house in winter), and teaching a class or two each semester with River Valley Community College.  When she isn’t writing, reading, or teaching, she enjoys taking pictures and fishing.

Mashibini-Prior’s work has been published in online and print journals and anthologies, including HEArtOnline, Postcard Poems and Prose Magazine, The Harwood Anthology, American Society: What Poets See, Untamed Ink, Drum Voices Revue and No Vacancy: A Voice for Those Without One.  She has work forthcoming in two anthologies in 2016:  What Does it Mean to be White in America, (2Leaf Press) and Hands Up: Songs for a Passbook Torch (Cherry Castle Publishing).

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