The Merchant by Randy Nelson

Art credit - Elizabeth Stark

Art credit – Elizabeth Stark

Randy Nelson is the Virginia Lasater Irvin Professor of English at Davidson College, where he teaches courses in creative writing and American fiction.  The winner of numerous awards for both writing and teaching, he is nevertheless most at home roaming the woods near his house or working at the lathe in his shop or coaching soccer and baseball in his hometown.  He had the good fortune to marry his high school sweetheart, raise three excellent sons, and become the close companion to several remarkable dogs.  He became a serious writer on the day he saw a John Grisham publicity photo with the lugubrious caption “John Grisham coaches Little League in Oxford, Mississippi.”  It was then that he knew he needed his own book cover saying “Randy Nelson’s Little League team can beat John Grisham’s Little League team any day of the week.”

The author.

The author.


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