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Agenda by Daniel Ari

Art credit - Elizabeth Stark
Art credit – Daniel Ari and Elizabeth Stark

Daniel Ari met poetry in 1986 and has had a tumultuous, confounding, but ultimately rewarding relationship with it ever since. He still struggles to define poetry for himself, but by guest lecturing on e. e. cummings, leading writing sessions at his home in Richmond, CA, and continuing to write, publish and perform, he sometimes suspects he’s getting close. One Way to Ask is his forthcoming book from Norfolk Press. To create this book, Daniel compiled the best samples of queron, a poetry form he engineered, and collaborated with artists to match each poem with artwork. The book includes 67 artists including Roz Chast, R. Crumb, Bill Griffith and Henrik Drescher. Find out when the book releases at or follow his sporadic blog



Credit - Eric Lindsey
Credit – Eric Lindsey



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  1. Hi Daniel, LOVE this. The more I read it, the louder that central slice seems to speak…almost roar. PS Looking forward to your book release. So glad to have come across your work 🙂 – Joan


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