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Abecedarian Cross by Eliza Callard

Art credit - Elizabeth Stark
Art credit – Elizabeth Stark
Eliza Callard invented this funky form as a challenge to herself–the meeting of cat and dog with two crossing alphabets.  From top to bottom, the Dog poem has each letter in its corresponding position in the alphabet (a=1, b=2, etc.) while the Cat poem has the reverse (z=26, y=25, etc.).  Tricky but fun to write!
She lives in Philadelphia and roots vehemently for the Phillies no matter how Pheeble they are.  You can find her work in Hobart and Cleaver Magazine, in Stoneboat, and in others listed on her website,
The photo below shows four of her favorite things: her two cats, Davy Crockett and Babe the Blue Ox, a carved mailbox her Dad made her when she was a child, and a Farmall Cub model tractor given to her back when she was a reporter in southern Virginia.
unnamed (1)
Four of the author’s favorite things.
The author.
The author.

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  1. What a creative piece of work…and work it must have been. I fear I would not have the patience, but the poet must have felt wonderful at the completion!


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