I Should Live So Long by Dale Tushman

Art credit - Elizabeth Stark

Art credit – Elizabeth Stark

The Dale (she’s been known to call herself that) and the spirit of Lena Horne are appearing  at a jazz and poetry event held the third Friday of each month at a religious site which decided to brave some cultural norms in a small, nearly privately owned (not constitutionally recognized) and politically powerful hip-pocket locale (think teensy  airport and secured island) in the buckle of the Bible Belt. Dale is a transplanted New Englander via her role as an appendage to a former federal agent, now holding full-time local status post wish-it-was-fiction-divorce. She is a clinical social worker and poet, and makes appearances  as house Jew at many occasions, which is an auspicious position (news @ 6, 7, 11, etc.) these days, demi-oldish hippie, full time observer/commentator/laugher/beach walker. She is grateful for this opportunity.

Some writing history:

The Red Queen Speaks

Mourner’s Kaddish

I Stayed Out Late On a School Night.

Prairie Wolf Press Review, Oct 1, 2014

The author's one beauty pic.

The author’s one beauty pic.

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