Church Dance by Barbara Harroun

Art credit - Elizabeth Stark

Art credit – Elizabeth Stark

Barbara Harroun is an assistant professor at Western Illinois University. Her most recent work is forthcoming or appearing in Per Contra Fiction, Fiction Southeast, Watershed Review, and Text Magazine. Her favorite creative endeavors are her awesome kids, Annaleigh and Jack. When she isn’t writing, reading, or teaching, she can be found walking her beloved dog, Banjo, or engaging in literacy activism and radical optimism.

Recently she went on an amazing road trip with friends to the Minnesota State Fair. It was awesome, and her friend, Erin Easterling, took the photo of the roasted corn lifted in celebratory toast and the resulting  joyful smile.

Barbara is still in love with: the world, the written word, the outdoors, deep silence, live music, juicy love, gardening, cooking and baking, sauntering and dancing, sleeping, eating, collaborating, getting loud, assisting others in telling their stories or creating their own fictions/poems/rants/epistles/collages, enthusiasm, choosing optimism-kindness-empathy, creating, authentic belly laughs, family sandwich hugs, fried cheese, new running shoes, Smart Wool socks, threadbare t-shirts and sleep pants, kitchens and the talking that happens there, and sit down meals.

There is one rule Barbara abides by and encourages you to consider adopting: Be kind, first and foremost.

She blogs about all things mysterious with her friend Rebekah at She can be found at and @BarbaraHarroun.

The author.

The author.

Harroun Photo 2

The corn!

Harroun Photo 3

With Banjo.

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