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Venus of Cyrene by M.S. Lyle

Art credit - Elizabeth Stark
Art credit – Elizabeth Stark

M.S. Lyle, a Lesley MFA in Poetry graduate and frequent contributor to the Universe is herself, small, but fierce. If she were her spirit animal, she’d be a heron…with ADHD. If she did the job she daydreams about the most, she’d be an architect…with spatial problems. If she were a place, she’d be Nebraska…with agoraphobia. Against the odds of all her internal rivalries, words; always, as far back as she can remember, there was sky and trees and words. What else can a disparate Nebraskan heron architect do with that but become a poet? Not much really – she tried being a dental assistant, actress, paralegal and sandwich maker, but she made a lovely mess of them all.  Check out her daydreams, which include her own work, at

Links to Work:

“Mr. Johnson & Us,” The Write Room, March 2012

“Roulette,” Fried Chicken & Coffee, Sept. 17, 2015


The author.
The author.
Sailin' da boat.
Sailin’ da boat.

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