Lie by Linda Baldanzi

Art credit - Dave Morehouse

Art credit – Dave Morehouse

Linda Baldanzi teaches poetry workshops at the Fort Lee Public Library and screens for a publisher of poetry books. She lives in Fort Lee, conveniently close to the Library. Also, if she crosses the street, she is on the banks of the Hudson River, which affords her a magnificent view of the NYC skyline. She walks her dog, or as her dog likes to say, she walks Linda along the riverbanks. This is where Linda writes most of her poems with the help of her dog and the River. They are very helpful with the poetry since they do not want the walks to be in vain. Her dog and the River are proud of their efforts, and Linda is very thankful. In the late evenings with her dog sleeping with her on the bed, sometimes the River comes to visit. They talk poetry for hours.


3 thoughts on “Lie by Linda Baldanzi

    • Thanks fro the comment seaviewwarrenpoint. Lies are complex, some even turning into truth eventually. They are an attempt to change or reshape reality. Some lies are masters at this.
      I wonder if and when they stat believing they are the truth. And some probably are.
      Thanks for making me think about this. Linda Baldanzi

      • Yes, a bit like the antagonist in a novel or the bad guy in a film, Linda, who thinks his actions are totally justified. Often the reader/viewer ends up feeling sorry for him, or at least understanding why he committed the crime!

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