School Spirit by Leonard Kress

Art credit - Dave Morehouse

Art credit – Dave Morehouse

Leonard Kress currently teaches religion and philosophy at a community college in the Midwest, but in the past he’s been a weld-chipper in a beam factory, an anti-war activist, a wanderer through the Polish countryside, and a psychiatric worker where part of his job was to pin down patients while they received electro-shock treatment. He spent most of his life in Philadelphia and composed most of his writing on porch stoops and park benches, in empty churches and neighborhood libraries, and riding the elevated train. When he became really serious about writing poetry, he spent the better part of a decade translating the 10,000 rhymed couplets of the 19th century Polish Romantic epic, Pan Tadeusz by Adam Mickiewicz.



Poems and translations:  (“Spiritual Exercises,” “Red-hot.” And translations from the 16th century poet, Jan Kochanowski.  (excerpt from Pan Tadeusz)  (Short story, “The Burning Bus Club”)

The author.


4 thoughts on “School Spirit by Leonard Kress

  1. Interesting use of what I call the double negative (no one […] didn’t love) … this sets a different tone than “everyone […] loved” … as one reads one begins to wait for what surely is going to come … the “but” one might say … vivid background btw … DaP


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