Good Day Starshine by L.S. Bassen and Mike Stanko

Drawing by Michael Stanko

Drawing by Mike Stanko

L.S. Bassen has read that Earth will be fried by the Sun in fewer billion years than Bill Gates has spondoolicks, which puts into perspective her thoughts about age. She was a finalist in 2011 for the Flannery O’Connor Award and toils as a Fiction Editor for Prick of the Spindle. She was an original reader for Electric Literature and won the 2009 APP Drama Prize for THE END OF SHAKESPEARE & CO, a comedy about the closing of a NYC bookstore. Ditto a Mary Roberts Rinehart Fellowship for a novel published in 2014  (Typhoon Media) about the successful assassination of Hitler. A collection of short stories was also published in ’14 (Texture Press). Info, updates & interviews can be found at Her first play was published by She writes book reviews and interviews for zines like Small Beer PressThe BrooklynerThe Rumpus. Apparently, she echoes Hamlet’s antic, “Words, words, words!” We know how well that worked out for him.

L.S. misses hometown NYC and LI environs now that she has expatriated with many-decade Husband (who always emphasizes, “in a row!”) to RI to be near their family. RI is an inspiration; its history justifies its tiny existence. She loves life near the river where the Industrial Revolution began in the US (native Sneechteconnet renamed the Blackstone).

You can hear her read two poems at and a short story at

L.S. has a new website — Her book Summer of the Long Knives was recently published as an e-book and will be hard copy soon: and

L.S. Basssen

L.S. Basssen

Mike Stanko, who creates the SCENE(s), is a lifelong Valley Stream, Long Islander (NY) who began painting and showing his work over 20 years ago. His paintings have been exhibited throughout the tri-state area, including shows at the Elaine Benson Gallery in Bridgehampton and the Empire State Building in New York City. He has been interviewed numerous times on tv and has donated his artwork to many causes over the years such as Breast Cancer walks , Art for ALS, and The Waterkeeper Alliance, to name a few. He’s been commissioned to do album covers for Caroline Doctorow, and Dan’s Papers in East Hampton recently featured him in a cover story.
Mike Stanko

Mike Stanko

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