Frank Evaluation by Oonah V. Joslin and Stacey Law

Drawing by Stacey Law

Drawing by Stacey Law

Oonah Joslin has published over 100 stories at various mags but 100 in MicroHorror alone. Bewildering Stories magazine has 99 pieces of writing from her. She currently edits poetry for The Linnet’s Wing. She was the Editor at Every Day Poets for six years.

Author Oonah Joslin.

Author Oonah Joslin.

Stacey Law is both an artist and a poet . Her book  Beauteous Be Poesy, an anthology of poems, is available on Google, and Barnes and Noble. She is a Syracuse, New York, native and after working in the retail and insurance industry for years she decided to become part of the art and poetry world.
Stacey has received several Editor’s Choice awards, a creative writing skills award, and was nominated Poet of the Year twice. She was also awarded several poetry award pins in her field. Her blog of a variety of poetry can be enjoyed on  Http://

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