Red Red by Diane Gage


Art credit – Elizabeth Stark

Diane Gage lives, writes and makes art on the edge of a canyon in the SoCal Metroplex that stretches from Santa Barbara, CA to Rosarito Beach in Baja. For years she has been making haiku composed on walks in her urban/suburban cul-de-sac neighborhood, which is very wonderfully called Birdland, and flinging them like confetti on Twitter (@dianegage) – where you are invited to follow her. Poems have appeared recently in Facing the Change (Torrey House Press) and Magee Park Poets, currently online in Synesthesia Literary Journal and upcoming in City Works Press’s anthology, Sunshine/ Noir II.
About Red Red Diane says: “Red Red is one of a series of poems from my Poetry Oracle/Poem Tarot project, for which I made a poetry-generating Tarot deck organized by parts of speech. Each card has an image – usually a collage – and a word and a color on the reverse side. Those who consult the Poetry Oracle ask a question, choose one of each color, and get a poetic answer from words/images on the other side.”
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Portrait of the author, by Helen Redman.

Portrait of the author, by Helen Redman.

Poetry oracle.

Poetry oracle.

Lost my helmet.

Lost my helmet.


2 thoughts on “Red Red by Diane Gage

    • Thanks, Kerry 🙂 I had a lot of fun doing it. Wish I’d noticed this was up before today! Asleep at the mouse.

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