Miss Susan B. Anthony Sings Karaoke at the Old Toad by Jennifer Litt

Art credit - Elizabeth Stark

Art credit – Elizabeth Stark


Jennifer Litt is the sole proprietor of Jennifer Litt Writing Services (www.jenniferlitt.com). Jennifer’s work has appeared in several anthologies, journals and magazines, including Jet Fuel Review, Lake Affect, LUMINA, Mixed Fruit, Naugatuck River Review and nycBigCityLit. She lives in Rochester, New York, on a quiet, one-way boulevard with her 16-year-old cat Phantom, the Gloria Swanson of Arnold Park.

More about Jennifer Litt Writing Services

My transition from full-time teacher to entrepreneur (if you can call me that) has given me flexible hours and guaranteed variety in my professional writing life. I have Skype coached SAT essay students across the globe, edited memoirs, e-books, corporate publications and academic papers, conducted and written research studies, etc.  I have worked as an adjunct professor of writing at several local colleges to supplement my income. Of course, writing poetry is my passion, and I spend many of waking and sleeping hours dreaming it into existence.

More about the Miss Susan B. Anthony poem

I’ve been working on a series of poems to include in a chapbook I’ve entitled, Maximum Speed Through Zero, where I remove celebrated individuals from their location on history’s timeline and place them in new settings: “Salvador Dali Fishes in Kansas,” “Julia Child Skis in Big Sky, Montana,” “Frida Kahlo Aqua Jogs at the Downtown Fitness Club” and “Frederick Douglass Paddle Boards off Kelsey Landing.”  I believe the essence of their individual greatness remains intact. I have wondered why most of these persona poems take place in or around water. It could be that growing up in coastal Rhode Island informs my longing for the ocean, even though I live near Lake Ontario and several Finger Lakes.


Trying to look professional for her website.


Naugatuck River Review publication reading, October 2014


Still Alive with Tulips: Mantra for the Winter


Magnetic Poetry at Hogan’s Hideaway, her local watering hole


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