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Blue Tea by Siham Karami

Art credit - Siham Karami
Art credit – Siham Karami

Siham Karami lives in Florida and co-owns a technology recycling company. She spends her time as a nerd by day, bard by night. This can be quite exhausting, but an obsession with poetry drives her to it. She has been or will be published in numerous journals, including Measure, Unsplendid, Raintown Review, Innisfree Journal, Atavic Poetry, Angle Poetry, The Centrifugal Eye, Kin Poetry Journal, Shot Glass Journal, The Lavender Review, String Poet, Mezzo Cammin, Wordgathering, Snakeskin, and the anthology Irresistible Sonnets. She is a Pushcart Prize nominee and has won a Laureates Choice Prize in the Maria W. Faust sonnet contest. You can find her online at, where you can find links to her poetry.

About this picture, Siham says:
“This teapot on a gas stove was a part of my daily routine, usually to make herb teas such as hibiscus with lemon grass.  I used a method of calligraphy in its ‘portrait,’ with a Japanese brush and Pelikan ink the exact shade of blue as the teapot, painting with brushstrokes such as are used in making Chinese characters.
“The poem reflects drinking tea in the mornings with my husband. Images in the poem are taken as a time lapse of our relationship over the years. I think of blue as the color of memory and reflection, the inner sky under which we live.”
She also enjoys songwriting (lyrics and music) and taking long walks — and the joys of being a mother of five. Her children taught her all about insects, trees, herbs and many other things.
Some links to Siham’s poetry:
A Ghazal about being in Egypt:
Two poems in a form Siham invented:
Self-portrait in a younger state.
Self-portrait in a younger state.
Relaxing with a good book after the 1,002nd night.
Relaxing with a good book after the 1,002nd night.
Tiger Swallowtail near the author's house
Tiger Swallowtail near the author’s house
Damselfly photo op on clothespin.
Damselfly photo op on clothespin.
The author's True Self, carrying leaf.
The author’s True Self, carrying leaf.

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