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An Understanding by Oonah Joslin

Art credit - Elizabeth Stark
Art credit – Elizabeth Stark

Oonah is currently Poetry Editor at The Linnet’s Wings. You can also find Oonah at and all the sites in the Header list,, at her former employ at, and as three-times winner at Or you could just Google Oonah V Joslin and see what happens.

About this piece, Oonah says, “It began as an image in my head. A tall, elegant woman dressed in red, standing off from a funeral group where all else was monotone including the weather. Somehow I knew her name because that’s what happens when I am going to write a story (or that’s how nuts I am). I would have liked to draw or paint the scene but I can’t and so my only recourse is to write and so I did and I hope you enjoy reading it.”

The author.
The author.

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