Purple by Oonah Joslin

Art credit - Oonah Joslin (Sunset on Lindisfarne, July 2014)

Art credit – Oonah Joslin (Sunset on Lindisfarne, July 2014)

Oonah is currently Poetry Editor at The Linnet’s Wings. You can also find Oonah at http://www.oovj.wordpress.com and all the sites in the Header list, http://oonahs.blogspot.com/, at her former employ at www.everydaypoets.com, and as three-times winner at http://www.microhorror.com. Or you could just Google Oonah V Joslin and see what happens.

About this poem, Oonah says, “Purple has always fascinated me. I find it very difficult to distinguish dark purple from dark brown and so when I was little, I crayoned many a tree trunk purple and why not? Trees are majestic things.

I love the taste of purple too: lavender chocolate, violet creams, Parma Violets which were invented by Michael Faraday for his children. Interesting that he should invent purple sweets; the colour of lightning to electrify the taste buds. Beetroot – have you ever tried raw grated beetroot with freshly crushed cumin seeds? Try it. I love purple-skinned potatoes, aubergines – that’s eggplant to you – even radicchio.

And of course the whole range of purple flowers is a delight, everything from pale fox gloves to scented lilac, and they attract pollinators too. Purple could save the planet!

There are lots of reasons to love purple.”

14 thoughts on “Purple by Oonah Joslin

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  2. This poem presents the most incredible wielding of words I’ve read in a very long time. In fact it’s so beautifully done that it’s hard to find words of praise that match it. I think I need to go over and visit Oonah’s blog.


  3. You blend words together so well, you start to scare me as if you have entered my spirit.
    Thank you Oonah. It is like I have you with my coffee to stir my mind in the morning.


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