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Wish List by Oonah Joslin

Art credit - Elizabeth Stark
Art credit – Elizabeth Stark

Oonah is currently Poetry Editor at The Linnet’s Wings. You can also find Oonah at and all the sites in the Header list,, at her former employ at, and as three-times winner at Or you could just Google Oonah V Joslin and see what happens.

Wish list was inspired by Oonah’s Aspen at Wallington, a very special tree. Wish List is not her first poem about that tree; another can be found at My Aspen at Wallington. About the tree she says, “I often sit in that little black arbour and listen to its rain sound in the wind. I also have a beloved monkey puzzle at Belsay. I am a Hobbit! Does anyone else, I wonder, have a special tree?”

Oonah’s favorite Aspen at Wallington.
Oonah’s beloved tree posing with her.


Oonah’s favorite tree is the first large tree to the right in this photo.


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