Old Woman in the Cathedral by Larry Levy

Art credit - Elizabeth Stark

Art credit – Elizabeth Stark

Larry Levy has been interested in poetry all his life.  He read poetry as a child, and before he could read had it read to him.  He is still fascinated by Mother Goose (I do not like thee, Doctor Fell./ The reason why I cannot tell./ But this I know and know full well–/ I do not like thee, Doctor Fell.)

As an adult he reads widely but keeps coming back to Dickinson, Yeats, Roethke, Heaney, Mary Oliver, and many others.  He learns something from all of it, but writes about subjects that choose him.  He tries to tell the truth but tell it slant.

Before retiring in 2010, Larry was a teacher at every level from pre-school through graduate school.  In retirement, he still teaches: acting and poetry writing classes for younger people, writing across the curriculum for teachers, the Holocaust for younger and older alike.  He and his wife direct plays for Midland, Michigan community theaters–dramas, comedies, and musicals.  They have directed performers from ages five to past fifty.

His poems have been published in many little magazines, beginning around 1972.  Some of the magazines, sadly, no longer exist, like Poet and Critic out of Iowa State University.  Most recently his poems appeared in Ann Arbor’s Third Wednesday and Clemson University’s The South Carolina Review.  Mayapple Press (mayapplepress.com), now in Woodstock NY, published one of Larry’s collections, I Would Stay Forever If I Could and New Poems, which is still in print and available for purchase.  He is currently at work on another book-length collection.

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